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Social media tools are being thrust upon organisations to create better communication, network and provide information infrastructure that is not achievable through the use of legacy systems, work place email and organisational archiving. One of the goals of micro-blogging is to create a conversation that is easily accessible, brief and not fragmented. Microblogging promotes a message with greater context and value than traditional informational artifacts by giving users, including stakeholders, the ability to access information and submit opinions. Informational artifacts (meetings or emails) will continue to remain important in enterprise communication but      they are less effective information systems due to the disorderly delivery of information.




Get the Most out of Twitter and blog.

Communication. Don’t forget about your feed or blog. Use it to facilitate the communication lines between your organisation and your customers. Remember that people like to know they have the opportunity to talk to a real representative. Keep your communication positive, as you want customers to talk favourably about your brand.

Innovation. Expand your organisation’s use of Twitter and other social media tools beyond news and events. Competitions can also be promoted through microblogging platforms and will leave the impression that your organisation is interactive and ‘with the times’

Brand Loyalty and Simplicity. Don’t lose your brand with your microblogging. Appoint an appropriate person in your organisation to be in charge and don’t attempt to cover up your mistakes. Red Cross did this best after a rogue tweet. Their response – “We’ve deleted the rogue tweet but rest assured the Red Cross is sober and we’ve confiscated the keys.”

Exclusivity. Keep deals and promotions for those that are loyal to your brand. Offer them a reward or incentive for following you on Twitter, or Facebook.



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