Blogging for success in the 21st Century


Personal online branding expert and creator of Grant Goodwin, states that anyone is capable of blogging online. A proficient blogger can even keep generating content to the extent that the blog remains current and relevant for a lengthy period of time. An expert blogger will be able to create compelling content that can be used by search engines and to target the demographic group. I have drawn inspiration from Goodwin to discover and develop my own strategy to be a successful blogger. My objective for the blog is to explore my personal experience in ERP and Enterprise 2.0 from a Web 2.0 consultant’s perspective.

Blogging strategy.

Research conducted by Fromherz (2011) has identified 5 key strategies for successful blogging:

  1. Provide a clear benefit to your readers
  2. Position yourself as the expert
  3. Pay attention to search engine optimization (SEO)
  4. Integrate your blog posts into the rest of your marketing efforts
  5.  Use your blog as a platform for promotions

My strategy

To begin writing my blog, I will choose a topic that is unique and current, and find material that is support by academic recourse. My content will be linked to reliable information to maximise the benefits for the reader. It’s a cliché saying, but a picture really does speak a thousand words, and the use of images in blogging can quickly explain to the audience the topic of the blog. It is, however, important to comply with licensing agreements and acknowledge the source of the imagery. The design of the blog is also an important factor and the page should be aesthetically appealing and user friendly and easy for the user to navigate their way around.

By having Facebook and Twitter accounts I will use the strength of social networking to expand my following and online visibility. I am now successfully integrating my blog with Facebook and Twitter by adding the gadgets to my sidebar. I allow blog visitors to see that I am on Twitter and Facebook and give them an opportunity to follow me as well.

Furthermore, I have learned that I do not have to blog alone! Lots of people are members of a group, team, or association, where many students can contribute to my blog’s content.  My blog will be interactive, allowing readers to leave comments and I will build social networks by providing comments on other authors’ blogs.

I will utilise all of these strategies to become a successful blogger and channel my passion for blogging to build a successful blog.


These are some of my favourite blogs, as they incorporate the 5 key strategies identified by Fromherz and the content of the blogs is supported by academic research.


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  1. Hi Areej, I’ve read many of our class blog and your theme is the most colorful one. I agree with Fromherz about 5 key strategies for a successful blogging. I also like your own strategies as well. It is also true that we do not blog alone. You can invite people to write at your blog and you can write on others people blog too. I’m still new to blogging and hope you can check my blog too(at It’ll be great help for me to improve my blog and my next post.


    Prapat W.

  2. Hey Areej,
    looks like a solid blog post to me! How much time did you have to invest to get the post done? I’m kind of struggling to find a good balance between time spent (blogging, commenting, wiki, etc.) and results. So what do you think? Cheers!

    • Can you believe it. It took me 8 hours for research and writing. I’m new to blogging so I’m sure I will get quicker with experience. It’s time well spent as I believe blogging helps foster creative writing skills and can be financially beneficial if you have enough followers because businesses can advertise on your blog and pay you a commission from sales generated as a result of visitor’s to the blog purchasing their products.

  3. A great start to the blog I think, I can already see that some of those key tenets are present in your blog post. Regardless of how effective the content may be, I always find it difficult to mentally read through blog posts that do not contain visuals, not only can they simplify certain things, but they can serve as a great way to remember key points, and give the mind a break from routine monotony.

    feel free to also visit my blog and listen to one of my podcasts at:

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